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What Should You Do After a Storm Damages Your Roof In Athens, TX

What Should You Do After a Storm Damages Your Roof In Athens, TX

Your roof may sustain storm damage in various ways and forms. Extreme situations include missing shingles or a tree falling on your roof. However, knowing where to begin or what should be the important steps to take when dealing with storm damage to your roof can be challenging.

As a homeowner, you must pay close attention to forecasts since storm damage can have a wide range of effects on properties. Storms, gale-force winds, and flash floods are growing more often as our climate appears to be getting less moderate over time. However, you should consider a professional roofing company to make your storm damage roof repairs with your effective insurance plan.

This guide will provide you with an overview of the different kinds of damage and how to get professional storm damage roof repair in Athens, TX, especially to the roof, as well as advice on how to repair it. Many of the problems you may encounter can be resolved on your own, but occasionally, you may be forced to hire an expert.

Causes of Storm Damage

Strong winds are the most frequent cause of roof damage from storms. Powerful wind gusts can destroy whole roof systems and loosen tiles or roofing. Hail and rain can also harm a roof, particularly if it is improperly maintained.

Lightning strikes are another frequent cause of storm damage. They can destroy your roof and house structurally, start fires, and cause electricity outages.

It’s crucial to remember that not all harm shows up right away. Therefore, East Texas Roofing and Repairs’s storm damage roof repair in Athens, TX, has a professional roofer assess your roof following a storm to find any hidden damage. This prevents the harm from worsening over time and becoming more expensive.

Types Of Storm Damages On Roof

Rain Damage

There is one of the most frequent reasons for roof damage, during or after a storm, is rain damage. In the long run, rain damage may even be the most disastrous. As the exterior protective layers of your roof erode, the more vulnerable inner area of your roof space becomes more and more exposed, leading to serious water damage from rain most of the time.

Due to its exposure, your roof will be damp to some extent for most of its lifespan. This can encourage the growth of mold, moss, or algae and pose many severe risks to your health and structural integrity.

Wind Damage

The wind is another typical storm component that can cause chaos and serious harm to a roof. The main wind-related hazard is roofing tiles or shingles coming loose or tumbling away. It’s crucial to stay inside when the storm is blowing through because, although falling tiles can be quite scary, the long-term costs will not be nearly as high as many of the repercussions of rain damage.

Even though other wind-related damage to your roof or home is frequently less noticeable, it can have disastrous consequences. Watch out for falling objects, such as tree limbs or tiles from adjacent homes. It’s possible that these fell to your roof and damaged it.

Hail Damage

Though less frequent than wind and rain, hail and sleet can damage significantly more. One of the biggest threats to your roof during its lifetime may be hailstones. As you might guess, it’s not ideal to have solid missiles descend from the sky and strike your roof tiles at high speed.

The most noticeable effects of hail damage are holes and dents in your tiles, which pose obvious, immediate problems and possible long-term risks, including mold growth and water intrusion. East Texas Roofing and Repair provides hail-damaged roof replacement in Athens, TX, where professional roofers make your roof fix and leave with a qualified replacement.

Need To File an Insurance Claim Of Roof Storm Damage

Contact your insurance provider as soon as you suspect or discover roof damage. The next steps after getting in touch with them and giving them the details vary depending on your region and insurance provider.

East Texas Roofing And Repair is aware of the anxiety of submitting an insurance claim for your storm damage roof repair in Athens, TX. Because of this, we are glad to assist you throughout the procedure.

There are several procedures to submit an insurance claim for storm damage to your roof. First and foremost, you should notify your insurer of the damage as quickly as possible. There are two scenarios, where you can claim your insurance for the storm damages of your roof.

The first is when an insurance company sends an adjuster to review the damage. Upon inspection completion, they will either confirm that there is no evidence of storm damage to your roof or approve your claim. If your insurance claim is accepted, it will be necessary to conduct research to choose a professional roofing company with insurance claim handling experience.

The second is when your insurance provider advises you to get in touch with a nearby roofer to have your roof inspected for storm damage. If damage is detected, the contractor will take images and send them to the insurance provider.


East Texas Roofing and Repair is a professional roofing company. We partner with almost every insurance company and provide expert repairs and hail-damaged roof replacement in Athens, TX! Our skilled and knowledgeable roofers specialize in all kinds of storm damage. We are here to fix your roof as soon as possible and shield it from further harm, whether the issue is leaks, broken roofing, or loose shingles.

We know how crucial your roof is to your family’s security and well-being. Thus, we put much effort into maintaining it in the best possible condition. We offer the best quality and service possible and guarantee our work.

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