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Explore The Signs of Storm Damage On Roof

Explore The Signs of Storm Damage On Roof

The requirement for a new roof caused by storm damage not only hits your pocketbook but also adds needless stress to your life. The issue is that most homeowners wait until it’s too late to discover they have roof damage. For this reason, you should be able to identify roof damage before a leak occurs and get the best Storm damage roof estimates and replacement in Athens/Kirbyville with East Texas Roofing and repairs. 

Although roofing materials are made to withstand bad weather, they become increasingly vulnerable to harm with time. Bad storms are characterized by strong winds, heavy precipitation, and hail, which can seriously damage poorly maintained roofs. However, storm-damaged roof repair in Athens, TX, becomes essential to maintain roofs as they were before overcoming future damages. 

Signs That Storm Damages Your Roof

Missing or crumpled Shingles

Strong winds can often tear entire shingles off your roof, especially if they are peeling or have cracks. A ground survey frequently reveals missing shingles; roofing material fragments might even be strewn over your land.

Let’s move beyond the gutters and the ground to discuss the storm damage indicators found on the roof. Shading, lifting, or creases in the shingles are the most obvious indications of storm damage to your roof.

Roof flashing and ducts

Dents in the shingles and other roofing materials are the next indication that a storm has damaged your roof. They are the most difficult indicator to recognize without a trained eye. Since it can be difficult to find dents in shingles, you should check the other roofing materials. East Texas Roofing and Repairs works with professionals and looks for dents that blatantly display evidence of hail-damaged roof replacement, roof flashing, or any other metal object.

Damage to the Soffit, Fascia, Gutter, or Flashing

Storm damage affects more than just your roof’s shingles; keep an eye out for indications of harm on the surrounding surfaces as well. Fittings can come loose due to wind, storm debris can clog gutters and downspouts, and flashing can move and break the seal. The dents or cracks will loosen these integral parts of the roof. Contact us for the expert roofing maintenance team to get your Hail-Damaged roof replacement in Kirbyville, TX.

Tree limbs Or any other debris hitting your roof.

Large tree limbs on your roof are the final indication of storm damage. This indication is the simplest to recognize, along with missing shingles. Your roof is definitely harmed if a big branch or an entire tree falls on it. On the other hand, damage to trees is typically more serious than damage to shingles.

The debris may hit your roof and pass away during the storm, so you may need to search for signs of its impact rather than the actual object. The broken shingle patterns are the major red flag for your roof damage. Don’t wait to overlap these obstacles; hire an East Texas Roofing And Repair expert to investigate these problems better than climbing onto the roof yourself.

What We Do After a Storm Damage

East Texas Roofing and Repairs are well-qualified roofing experts. We will examine the shingles for any damage, including holes or cracks. We will also search the siding and brickwork for indications of water damage or stains.

We’ll help you to understand the complexity and increase your chances of a successful claim on your insurance plan. We’ll also walk you through the process of making an insurance claim for damages to your roof and provide you with effective Storm damage roof estimates and replacement in Athens/Kirbyville.

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